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School Meals

School dinners are provided by Cambridgeshire Catering and Cleaning Services and currently cost £2.25 per day, or £11.25 per week for Key stage 2 children.All Key Stage 1 children are entitled to free school meals. From September 2017, this will increase by 5p to £2.30 per day or £11.50 per week.


Payment can be made via our online payment system Schoolcomms Gateway. This can be accessed by your PC or an app downloaded to use with your mobile phone.


You may be entitled to free school meals, even if you decide not to take advantage of this every day - speak to the school office for more details.


Click on the 'School Lunch Choice Menu' below to view the menu choices on offer. There is also a link below for the Cambridgeshire County Council School lunch website which has lots of interesting information for both parents and children.

On 27th March 2014, the school kitchen had an unannounced Environmental Health Inspection and was judged as excellent and awarded five stars!




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Can we “Count you in?”


It’s great news that all Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils will get free school meals for the first time this year and it is not dependent on family income.


However, this makes it harder for us to find out which pupils are eligible for the Pupil Premium - £800/£1300 in extra funding to support the achievement of children from households on a lower income.


At Ashbeach  if your child receives the Pupil Premium, we will use this to pay for their school trips / provide extra teaching support / put on extra lunchtime clubs….


If you have a child in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 and your family income is less than £16,190, please call Cambridgeshire County Council’s education welfare benefits team on 01223 703 200 or apply online at  to ensure that we receive the Pupil Premium for your child.


Also, if you have an older child who is not currently having free school meals, but would be eligible, please do apply.


  • They do not have to eat a school meal every day – just be registered as eligible.

  • You can use free school meals just on the days that your child likes the menu, or days you are running low on supplies at home.

  • Other pupils cannot tell which children get free school meals because of low income.


Schools in Cambridgeshire currently receive less money per pupil from the government than any other education authority in Cambridgeshire, so any additional funding is really beneficial to our pupils.


Thank you.

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