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Hello Artists,


Welcome to the comic-book activities, inspired by popular comic book styles you may have seen through reading about superheroes/villains. If comic books are not your favourite type of book, you may enjoy how the artwork looks separately to the stories they involve - this is a chance to adapt similar artistic skills into your own artwork.

Activity 1: Super-words


Let's start by choosing one word to create. Common words to describe sounds or actions in comic books may include: WOW, POW, BANG, CRASH, KAPOW.


Below are some examples of templates which you can use if you would rather not draw free-hand to start with, or if you are a child in Key Stage 1. These can be printed from this web page and coloured with pencils or colouring pens.


Top Tip:

If you colour one section in RED, use a different colours for the other sections touching this shape, as shown in the example above.

Step 1: Choose a word and write the letters in bubble writing.

Step 2: Draw a shape around your bubble writing.

This could involve zig-zags, a round-edged bubble, a rectangle, a triangle etc.

Step 3: Add some long points behind your step 2 shape.
Step 4: Create a lined shape behind the points and colour your letters in one bold pen or pencil.
Step 5: Colour the shape around the lettering with a different colour.
Step 6: Colour in the points behind this shape, within a different colour again (you can choose whether you would like to colour in each point, or leave a couple blank).
Step 7: Use a pencil to create a dotty-effect in the background shape.

Activity 2: Super-name

Follow the steps above using your name instead of a 'super-word', you can use your first, middle, or last name for this activity.


If you have enjoyed this activity and are proud of the work you have produced, please feel welcome to email a picture to - I would love to see all artwork created and hopefully publish these for your peers to view.

This is an example of Pop Art used in a comic book style

You can create a piece of artwork yourself using this style.

Printable templates

If these are not printing easily from this webpage, open to document below to print the specific page you would like.
[More to be uploaded]
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