Harvest Assembly - Wednesday 20th September 2.30pm
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School Council

The school council help to improve the school so it becomes a better place. School council reps are good role models and follow the Ashbeach code. If children need help or have no one to play with they can come to us. We help our school mates.


We were chosen as reps through voting from our classmates. We used the voting booths from the county council. We meet once a fortnight and we meet with Governors and hopefully FOA next term. We have minutes of each meeting and we have folders where we put these. We also have a job description that we came up with and and we have signed to say that we will do the things on the list.


We get our classmates views by discussing a task that is given to us in a meeting. We write down their ideas on a pieces of paper and we feed back these views in the next meeting. Mrs Challinor notes them done on the IPad. We then try to make them happen.


So far this term we have discussed and made decisions on What can make our school a better place, Pudsey Day, Cursive handwriting, Maths resources and the gem system


Next term we will chair the meetings ourselves and we will put together agendas with Mrs Challinor.


School Council

December 2015


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