Ashbeach School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and requires all staff, volunteers and visitors to share this commitment.
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Wilfred the Wolf visits!

The Big bad Wolf visited.  We though of questions we could ask him and then enjoyed hot seating him.....we found out that his name was Wilfred, he actually was a vegetarian, he didn't have a wife, he lived in a underground den and he accidently sneezed that's how he blew the three little pigs houses down.

Muddy Monday .....Look what fun we have had making nests and homes.

EYFS/Year 1 Topic Taster-Insight into learning Summer 1

It is fantastic to be back as a full class again!  Welcome to the new Year 1s.  We enjoyed the start of the Summer term 'getting to know' each other.  We have been working really hard on teaching ourselves how to learn again as being back in school has been very different than online learning.  Our topic this half term is 'Homes and Houses'.

Reception Year Autumn Term 1 medium term plan/Topic taster



We hope you have had a fantastic summer......we have missed you!


Do not forget to have a look at the photos below to remind yourself how we come into school social distancing.


If you have any questions feel free to email the office.

Welcome to Hedgehog Class!

In class we have really been enjoying the Dear Zoo topic, look at what amazing work we have been doing.

Look at this lovely home learning.

We have been using the home learning plans an making snake math's games.....

We then measured using dry pasta....find something longer.....find something shorter...

We have also been playing social distancing games....

And have been investigating the outside area....

Look what fun we have had in the first 2 days back at school.......



Welcome back to those children who are returning back to school.  Here are some photos to show you that things are going to look a bit different.

You will start the day lined up outside the gate on a red line, a senior leader will be standing in the semi circle to greet you and at this point you will say goodbye to your mum, dad or guardian and enter the playground where Mrs. Beale, Mrs. Smith or Mrs. Bennett will greet you to take you to the class.


You will then line up outside the classroom and then we will all go in and wash our hands.

Once inside the classroom, it looks a bit different.  You will have an individual desk where you will keep your belongings and complete the majority of your work from.  We will have mini stations set up but only 2 people can play at them and you must only stay at them for no longer than 15 minutes.

Even though some of the toys have been put away this is just to keep you safe and we are still going to have lots of fun!

At the end of the day mum, dad or your guardian will collect you from the gates.

We are looking forward to seeing your smiley faces on Monday morning!


Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Beale and Mrs. Bennett




We are very excited to be seeing those children who are returning to school Reception children Monday 8th and Year 1 from Monday 15th June 2020.  Please take time to read through the social story with your child to help with any anxieties they may have.

Stay Safe!

Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Beale and Mrs. Bennett



Watch this space for photos of the class's new look......


We hope you have enjoyed the half term break!  The next home schooling packs will be added from Monday on the Google drive.  We will be working on settling the children that are back attending school and revisiting the work we have completed on Growth Mindset and Protective Behaviors'.  Any extra work we complete will be added to ensure your child is working alongside their peers.

We miss you all and are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Stay Safe!

Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Beale and Mrs. Bennett



We hope you are all having a lovely half term!  and keeping safe in the sun.  We have added an Early years Ideas pack in case you have ran out of ideas to keep your little ones occupied.


Have Fun,

Mrs Smith, Mrs Beale and Mrs Bennett




Dear families,

We hope you are well and have managed to enjoy some sun over the weekend.

It has been great to catch up with most of you and find out what exciting things you have been doing.

We have added a sample timetable as some of requested this and some home learning information.

With this gorgeous weather we hope you can practice reading outside....feel free to send us an email of the craziest place you have been enjoying a book.


Please do not hesitate to email us to ask for help or


keep safe and well !

Mrs Smith, Mrs Beale and Mrs Bennett

Why not take time to relax with your child?.......

19/5/2020 Someones been working super hard.......

More fantastic work...

Look at this super busy day !

Summer Term 2020 during Covid-19

We are really missing seeing you at school and hope you are keeping safe and well.


Here is some of the lovely work you have been doing...can you spot your friends?



Autumn Term 2018

Mrs Smith took Hedgehog class to the village shop and to post a letter.

We say a sad farewell to Mrs Smith today 😢 and wish her luck 👍🏻

Look at our first day fun!

Summer Term 2018

Tuesday 10th July

The pupils had a visitor in the form of a racing pigeon. He wandered into the classroom to say hello before Mrs Smith rescued him. He appeared to be in need of some TLC so he was safely put into a box. 


KS1 visit to the seaside

Please see the Gallery page for pictures of the KS1 trip to the seaside 😊☀️🌊🏝🦀

KS1 Beach Day 


KS1 enjoyed a fantastic beach day on Wednesday (6th June). The children enjoyed learning about healthy eating and making wraps, followed by time at the beach. The weather was kind to us and the children enjoyed being outside and playing in the sand and in the water.

Ashbeach  (11th May 2018)

Getting ready for our new topic next half term, 'we do like to be beside the seaside'. KS1 spent the afternoon making their very own beach.



Mrs Smith brought in visitors this morning! The children enjoyed meeting Pepper, Blondie and Midnight.


On The Farm

On Wednesday 18th April we were lucky enough to have a variety of farm animals visit school, in the morning, to kick start our new farming topic. All the children enjoyed being able to get up close and interact with the animals. Thank you to Bobby and his family, and Mrs Smith for bringing them in. In the afternoon we had a visit from Pecks with their tractors.



Spring Term 2018

Look what fun we have had starting our pirates topic!




We had a visit from the fire service (January 2018)


Spring Term 2017


March 2017

To kick start out new theme, ‘it’s a creepy world’ we had a very exciting mini beast hunt down the common. We looked for habitats that we thought the mini beasts might like to live in and used magnifying glasses to have a really good look at them. We found a lovely selection of different beasts!

Healthy lifestyles week: January 2017


During healthy lifestyles week we enjoyed making some vegetable kebabs, humous and a cucumber and yoghurt dip. We had to peel and chop the vegetables and wait for them to cook! Lots of us tried some new vegetables and found out that we really liked them!

Build it morning! January 2017


To kick start our new theme…Can we build it? Yes we can!... we had a building morning where we worked in groups to create a model. There was lots of good team work and discussions about what to build and how to build it. We had to cut, stick and twist lots of resources. At the end of the morning we all stood up and spoke about what we had made, how we made it and if there was anything we could cage to make our model better next time.

Autumn Term 2016



Hedgehog foundation stage children have had a good start to their year at Ashbeach. We have been very busy exploring the classroom and outside area.

Summer Term 2016

Spring Term 2016


We have continued with our Forest school sessions this half term and have enjoyed being more imaginative whilst playing. We incorporated our in class learning about the story of ‘Super worm’ and decided to build traps for the evil lizard and crow who tried to steal Super worm! We even found our very own super worm families!

We have very much enjoyed hatching some chicks in Hedgehog class. there was great excitement when the first egg showed shines of hatching and before we knew it we had eight healthy and noisy chicks. We have been learning about how to look after them and have helped change their food and water every day. We had even learnt about the life cycle of the chicks and even had  ago at measuring how tall they were- although they were very wriggly!

On the first day of Spring term we had a surprise visit from a Superhero Called Lightening. She helped us do some superhero training where we had to practise of jumping, balance, running and hiding!


We had a lovely end to the Autumn term with a trip on the Nene Valley railway where we got to meet Santa and a very exciting time being a part of the Lower phase Christmas performance of Hey Ewe!

Autumn Term 2015

Forest school

More Forest school fun! We have enjoyed exploring our natural environment in a variety of ways including building dens, playing imaginative games and using natural resources to make things!

Scooter race- November 2015

We wanted to raise some money towards our school trip so we had a scooter race. Lots of our mummy’s and daddy’s came and cheered us on and they very kindly sponsored us to do laps of the track. It was great fun!

Road safety week

(23-27 November 2015)


During road safety week we talked a lot about how to stay safe whilst walking and riding a bike. We even practiced crossing the road remembering to stop look and listen.

On Monday (09 November) we had our first Forest school session and we were very busy! We were lifting, exploring, swinging, climbing and jumping! We helped our friends to carry long heavy logs and even had a go at climbing some trees!

We have been discussing how we should behaviour when we are at school and have displayed our class rules as a tree. We decided as a class that we will try to: play nicely with our friends, listen and try try try and we will do this by: being kind with our hands and feet, saying kind words, doing things for ourselves, listening to what the adults and our friends are saying and sharing toys. Each child decorated a leaf and put it on our tree.

We have been building brick houses for the 3 little pigs

We have had a few poorly patients in the doctors surgery.

Our first week in school

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