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Blending colours in art

Circles inspired by Kandinsky


Summer Term 2021


Our Stone Age Day


What a great start to our term with all of Raccoon class dressed as Stone Age people!  Even the teachers joined in. We had an excellent day with lots of fun activities including stone age art where we made our tables into caves and lay in them to create art work using charcoal.  We had a fantastic time too building Stonehenge out of Bourbon biscuits.  We used a toilet roll as a timeline to show just how long ago the Stone Age was.  

Welcome to Raccoon Class!

Summer Term 2021


Welcome back, we have launched this term with our wonderful Stoneage day! Children and staff came in some marvellous stone age outfits.  Children learned about cave art, they turned their desk into caves, drawing on the underside using charcoal. We ended the day learning about Stonehenge and making replicas of the monument out of bourbon biscuits!


Summer Term 2020 during Covid-19

Hello Raccoons,


We are really missing seeing you at school and hope you are keeping well and safe.


We would love to see and hear about the things you are doing, please ask an adult to send an email message or photo of something you have been doing, to the office to share with us. Also, let us know if  we can put them on here to share with everyone.


Take care everyone,


From Mrs Butson and Mrs Smith




Wow look at Tom's amazing volcano! Why not try this yourself and send us your pictures.

Archie doing a great job with his Paul Cezanne artwork

Finleys fabulous work

Harry has also challenged Mrs B on TT Rock stars, I had better get my fingers warmed up! Don't forget you can challenge me and your friends

Braiden has been planting sunflower seeds and researching elephants.


Autumn Term


Art work inspired by Van Gogh.

The pupils were drawing and painting self portraits linked to our current 'This is Me' theme.

Summer Term 2018

KS2  Forest School Day

Monday 2nd July KS2 spent the day in the common taking part in various activities that link to the science curriculum. Activities included: making mucky water and filtering it; den building; using pullies to lift buckets; making art with natural resources.



This week we have started to explore the technique of impressionism in our art lessons. Using Monet's Water Lilies for inspiration, we have created our own art work with pastels.


The British Museum

On Thursday 19th April we went on our rescheduled trip to London. We visited the British Museum to look at the Egyptian exhibits for our Theme work on Egyptians. We saw lots of interesting artifacts, including a real life Mummy.



Autumn Term 2017


How you can be good at math, and other surprising facts about learning | Jo Boaler | TEDxStanford

You have probably heard people say they are just bad at math, or perhaps you yourself feel like you are not "a math person." Not so, says Stanford mathematics education professor Jo Boaler, who shares the brain research showing that with the right teaching and messages, we can all be good at math.

Learning for life - to be the best we can possibly be