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Sea Otter's Summer Term Newsletter 2022

Spring term 2022

Have a look at the exciting things we have already done this term! We will add photos regularly so keep checking our page!

Design and Technology

The class had great fun designing and making catapults (linked to our Roman history work). They worked effectively in small teams and evaluated their products. Testing them in the hall was the best part of all!


We had a great drama lesson to hook us into our new English unit (writing an action scene within an historical setting). We stepped back in time to Ancient Egypt (our familiar historical setting from last term) and created some crazy action-packed scenarios! Can you spot the mummies and the unfortunate people tumbling into the river Nile?!

The Romans

We are learning about the invasion of Britain by the Romans. After studying the two attempts by Julius Caesar in 55BC and 54BC, we then discussed the invasion by Emperor Claudius in AD43. To help Claudius decide whether or not to invade Britain, the children became his advisors. They discussed reasons for and against the proposed invasion then, through the means of a conscience alley role-play, informed Claudius of both sides of the argument. After much deliberation, this famous Emperor decided he would invade this cold, rainy island! 


Should the Celts offer resistance to the invading Romans or beat a hasty retreat? That is the question we looked at in class today. To help answer it, the children became Celtic spies - working in small groups to secretly look at Marcus, a Roman Legionary. Once they had established what he was wearing and carrying, they briefly captured and interrogated him. To finish the lesson, they watched video clips of a Roman re-enactment, in order to discover more fascinating facts about the Roman army. 


Who was Boudica and why did she revolt against the Romans?

The children saw a photo of Boudica on the Embankment in London and discovered some information about her. Next, the children created a human timeline, to order events in Boudica's life. They then decided whether each event was good for Boudica or not (stepping backwards or forwards to represent their thinking). Finally, the children discussed possible reasons (causes) for her revolt against the Romans and how, despite outnumbering the Romans by 10:1, the Iceni tribe ended up losing. 


Comparing a Roman town to a Celtic village.

After looking at images of a Celtic village, the children then discovered clues about a typical Roman town. They worked as a team to use these individual clues to create a labelled map. They discussed the differences between the two settlements.

Here are the groups with their completed diagrams.

Roman Mosaic Art

The children in Sea Otter class loved designing and making these beautiful mosaic tiles. 

Spelling Shed Launch!

We launched our new spelling programme in true Ashbeach style! Whilst dressed up in bee colours and stripes, the class enjoyed playing Countdown, completing spelling wordsearches, waggle dancing like bees and - of course - learning how to play Spelling Shed. A 'buzzing' day in Sea Otter class!

Autumn term 2021

History - Egyptian mummification

We enjoyed our Christmas dinner together!

And decorated the room!

On Diwali Day we made a class Rangoli pattern from coloured sand.

We also learnt some Indian dancing ....

and worked as a class to retell the Ramayana.

Learning for life - to be the best we can possibly be